Hi! My name is Sarah Moosazadeh and I  am excited to  share my journey with you as I uncover various cultures, hidden identities, and the latest trends in Pop Culture. Thanks to my social surroundings and socio economic status I  realized early on I was somewhat different from my peers. My personal experiences have allowed me to develop a dual perspective and a unique voice which I am eager to share with all of you!

Far too often people view the world around them based on a preconceived notion. We see the world through a lens based on our own perceptions and leave little room for interpretation. Yet, there are two sides to every story, and how we evolve as a society depends on the number of lenses we are willing to look through. Everyone has a unique story to share and I aim on capturing them.

Sarah’s Social Scope  is divided into various subjects (i.e. Art EXC., Persian Life) and  provides in-depth stories and interviews  under each heading. Rather than discussing politics or cultural differences, my goal is to bring people together, while learning something new. I   hope you will join me on my adventures and can’t wait to get started!

 – Sarah Moosazadeh