Israeli-Iranian Singer Connects Different Cultures

There are so many international bands out there today who perform different fusions of music such as jazz funk played by Yemen Blues and A-WA but I’ve never gotten into them. That is before I heard the song Hinech Yafa performed by Light in Babylon’s  Israeli-Iranian female singer, Michal Elia Kamal. I felt an instant connection… Read more »

  • Persian-American Entrepreneur Breaks Stigmas

    Throughout history women have accomplished numerous feats while standing in the face of adversity. Whether it is in the field of medicine, law, engineering, journalism or fashion women have more opportunities now than ever to accomplish their goals and make their voices heard. Yet for some that privilege does not always come easy either because… Read more »

  • The Drag World By Nona

    The world of drag has always fascinated me, from the extravagant costumes and makeup, to the subliminal messages conveyed in shows. Yet it still draws negative criticism from many who have misconceptions about it. What sets drag apart from other platforms is its ability to unite people from different cultures and backgrounds but also its… Read more »

  • Fashion takes a twist

    If this is your first time visiting my blog or reading one of my posts, I’m sure you will eventually deduce that I am somewhat fixated with fashion, okay, maybe obsessed. Yet rather than posting images of the season’s latest trends or must have looks, I’m more interested in highlighting designers which are often overlooked…. Read more »

  • Transcendental Music

    Persian music has always been a main staple in my life drawing me into its unique melodies and vibrant tunes authentic to the Middle East. Yet, over the years my taste in Persian music has evolved to include various artists which best represents my cultural roots.  Classical Persian music is among my favorites, combining ancient… Read more »

  • Wine Making Flourishes in Israel

    Roni Saslove has spearheaded the art of wine making, however it was not until late last month that I even discovered who she was or Israel’s robust wine industry. Yet, why wouldn’t I? In addition to its fashion scene and countless Startups, Israel has also pioneered the food and wine culture. With countless restaurants serving… Read more »

  • Crossing Borders

    As a Persian-American I am often caught between my Persian identity and American ideology. However, thanks to my cultural ties and diverse viewpoints I’ve learned to embrace both. Yet, over the years, I’ve grown a stronger affinity toward my native country. Politics aside, Iran remains one of the richest countries in the Middle East due… Read more »

  • Israeli Jeweler Goes International

    The fashion industry in Israel has boomed over the past decade, providing countless designers a platform to share their vision and inspiration. This in turn has not only brought international recognition to the artists but also to Israel. HotCrown Jewelry owned my Ginat and Yisgav Moyal is a prime example. With over twelve thousand likes… Read more »

  • Balancing Culture and Faith

    I am always eager to learn about other cultures that compose the Jewish faith, and after interviewing Britt Wolff on what life was like growing up as a Mexican-Jew, I was hungry to learn more! Luckily, I didn’t have to search very far before discovering Mamie Dayan. A Syrian-Jew from Macon-Georgia?  I met Mamie at… Read more »

  • Puerto Rico’s Jews Find Safe Haven

    About 2 years ago I had the pleasure of visiting Puerto Rico and after listening to numerous friends share their stories about the island’s enchanting beauty I was ready to embark on my own journey and take in everything Puerto Rico had to offer.   As I stepped out of our taxi,  I was instantly… Read more »

  • We Have Mexican Jews?

    Growing up in the South as a Persian-Jew was anything but easy, but it also stirred my interest in learning more about other cultures and religions. I was constantly asked questions about my identity and was curious to know if others shared  similar experiences.  The more I conversed with people, the more I realized how… Read more »