If this is your first time visiting my blog or reading one of my posts, I’m sure you will eventually deduce that I am somewhat fixated with fashion, okay, maybe obsessed. Yet rather than posting images of the season’s latest trends or must have looks, I’m more interested in highlighting designers which are often overlooked.

Persian-American designer, Yasmin Rahimi is an exception however and after taking Atlanta by storm with the launch of her Couture for Charity fashion show, which raised $61,500 to help fight breast cancer, I knew I had to schedule an interview with the rising fashionista.

While the budding designer has yet to pursue a career in fashion full-time, she has already garnered massive attention for her unique designs, including a spread in Atlanta’s Jezebel magazine.

Below is my brief interview with the rising star alongside a few photos and video from her recent show. Please Enjoy and Share!

Photos by: Gossett Photography

Can you please provide a bit of background about yourself? 

I’m currently a junior at UGA, double majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. I was born in Tallahassee, Florida and I have moved all over the east coast due to my fathers training. Atlanta, Augusta GA, Connecticut, Massachusetts. I moved to GA about 7 years ago from Boston!


Yasmin introduces her line during Couture for Charity fashion show.

What inspired you to pursue fashion?

I have always been in love with the process of creating something and bringing it to life. I believe that fashion has the power to bring people together and it has always fascinated me how I can bring a design from my mind to life.


How has your Persian culture influenced your work? If at all.

Ever since I was a year old, I have visited Iran and have always been exposed to different fashion styles and colors. I get inspiration from anything and everything. I’m always most inspired when I am in Iran, surrounded by all of its natural beauty.


What do you love most about your culture?

I love how my culture has such strong roots in the arts, we have amazing poets and artist and for that I am very proud to be Persian.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I cannot describe it with the proper words, but my inspiration is a euphoric feeling where I can imagine my design being worn by a successful woman. Just the other day, a bowl of bright cherries inspired me to sketch a dress.


You recently launched your own fashion show for charity. How did that transpire?

When I was 16, I had the realization that sketching designs was not enough, that I wanted to do more and do good. The fashion industry is very powerful so I wanted to utilize that and create an event that combined my two passions- design and giving back to a worthy cause. My dear family friend struggled with breast cancer, so that was the cause that inspired Couture for Charity.


What are your future endeavors? Is fashion involved?

I hope to work for a couple years after I graduate college and start my own company in which I continue to combine fashion and giving back to a worthy cause.



Written by Sarah M.

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